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What is PittLaunch?

Struggling with Windows 10? Discover an easier way to use your computer!

PittLaunch helps you launch your favourite applications - no fuss, no messing around, just your favourite applications ready to launch.

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Whether you are frustrated with the Windows Start menu, or want your applications ready and waiting for you, try PittLaunch for free for up to one month!

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What do we post on Twitter?

Our Twitter name is @PittLaunch - we post news, hints and tips on PittLaunch, including how the software can help you or your business.

We regularly read tweets of people we follow, and reply/interact when we can, and retweet tweets that we either find interesting or think may be of interest to our followers.

Where possible, we try to follow back anyone who follows us on Twitter (and we will NEVER follow and then unfollow someone once they follow back) - if we don't follow you back after a while, feel free to tweet us and say hello!

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Who updates the PittLaunch Twitter profile?

The PittLaunch Twitter page is managed by Simon Pittman - the developer of PittLaunch.
You can also follow Simon at @LibraryPlayer
And contact via e-mail at: simon@pittlaunch.co.uk

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PittLaunch is also on Facebook!

We regularly post news, updates, hints, tips and more on our Facebook page - you can connect with us at:

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Who is Simon Pittman?

Simon is a software developer, business owner and book author based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Books written by Simon include editing audio, creating new products, managing WordPress website and developing software - click here to visit Simon's Amazon author page.

In addition to PittLaunch, we develop a range of membership, to do list and audio software - you can found out more and download free trials at www.libraryplayer.co.uk

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Try PittLaunch for free!

Discover how PittLaunch can make your computer and Windows easier to use with a free 31 day trial.

No obligations, and you don't need to register or provide an e-mail address to download!

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