About PittLaunch

Picture highlighting some of the benefits of PittLaunch
PittLaunch window with icons for office applications.

PittLaunch is an application launcher, that helps you get your work done without any fuss or messing around!

    • Fed up of using the Windows 8/10 Start menu?
    • Looking to reduce desktop clutter?
    • Want all your applications in one place, ready to launch?

Then try PittLaunch for FREE!

Stop getting frustrated looking in endless menus and screens, or trying to find the right icon on your desktop!

Unlike other application launchers/start menu replacements, PittLaunch does not make any changes to your system or get in your way, and can run alongside any existing setup.

Getting started is really easy - drag and drop your items into PittLaunch to create shortcuts, or import your items from the Start menu.

PittLaunch window and options to add items from Start menu

Features include:

Designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Includes full help/documentation, and when you buy PittLaunch you receive 12 months product support, plus updates to any new version of PittLaunch released during that time.

Our guarantee - claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with PittLaunch.

Developed by Simon Pittman

A business owner, book author and software developer based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Simon came up with the idea for PittLaunch after discussions at networking events and seeing disatisfaction over the Start menu and way of launching applications in modern versions of Windows.

What inspired Simon to develop PittLaunch? Read his LinkedIn article to find out more!

Try PittLaunch for free!

System menu within PittLaunch
PittLaunch on Windows desktop
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