Customising PittLaunch

Whether its changing the background colour or image in a tab (similar to how you can change the background for your Windows desktop), or changing the way PittLaunch behaves, there are a range of options to customise PittLaunch, and get it appearing and working - so you can launch your favourite applications your way!

This page will cover the options found in the Options menu in PittLaunch - which let you customise the layout and behaviour of PittLaunch.

Always Visible

You can set PittLaunch to always be visible over any other currently running applications - so you can always have access to PittLaunch for opening your favourite shortcuts. You can then have PittLaunch in the corner of the screen or anywhere else where its out of the way.

Single Click Icons

With this option selected, when you click once on an again, it will launch that item (rather then double clicking, which is the behaviour when this option is not selected) – similar to the default option in modern versions of Windows, where you click once to open an item.

Icons Only / Hide Captions

Only displays icons, and not their captions. Useful if you want to save space on the screen, or can recognise each item from their icons.

Start PittLaunch When I Log In

Each time you log into Windows or start your computer, PittLaunch will open - click here for more information.

Tab Layout

From here, you can select whether the tabs appear at the top of the screen, or to the left.

Start Menu

PittLaunch already attempts to tidy up its Start menu slightly, e.g. removing any uninstall links, readme files, etc.

From the Start Menu option you can select whether the Start menu only displays shortcuts for applications – i.e. if the Start menu includes any help files, etc. these will not be included in PittLaunch's start menu. This can be useful for tidying up the start menu even further, and reducing the clutter.

Each of the settings are applied and saved for the current user only, and will not be applied to any other user accounts on your computer.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the different options in this menu, and try them, and see which ones work best for you!

If you have any questions about these options, or have a suggestion on how PittLaunch can be further customised in future versions, e-mail: