Reducing desktop clutter

If you have LOTS of icons on your desktop, PittLaunch can help reduce clutter, and make items easier to find by organising them into different categories.

For example, in PittLaunch you could have different tabs for your games, another tab for items related to work, and a third tab for everything else. There is no limit to the number of tabs you can have!

Organise shortcuts exactly how you want to organise them!

Adding categories

To add a tab/category in PittLaunch, go to the Tabs menu and select Add Tab.

PittLaunch window on a clutter-free desktop
PittLaunch add tab option

You can then enter details for that tab, including the name of the tab, and even set an icon picture if you want to.

Adding icons and shortcuts

The easiest way to add shortcuts into PittLaunch is to drag and drop them into the application.

Once you have dragged and dropped a shortcut from the desktop, you can then delete that item from the desktop if you want to.

Please note that if you drag and drop actual files or folders into PittLaunch (e.g. any letters, spreadsheets, etc.), PittLaunch will look for the file/folder in the original location (i.e. the desktop) and therefore you can not delete the original file. Instead, we suggest you move any actual files/folders to another location on your computer, and then create shortcuts within PittLaunch.

As mentioned above, PittLaunch does not store or manage the actual files, it only contains shortcuts to the application or file's location!

You can also import items from the Windows Start menu if there is something not on your desktop you would like to create a shortcut.

What can you keep on your desktop?

Whatever you want to have on your desktop!

We suggest keeping a shortcut for PittLaunch on your desktop at the very least, and as mentioned in the previous section any actual files/folders if you don't want to move them to another location (although shortcuts are safe to delete).

Setting PittLaunch up for use on your computer

The following articles on this website may be of interest:

More information can be found within the Using PittLaunch section of our website.

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