The PittLaunch System Menu

Are you fed up of trying to find all the various system options?

The System menu in PittLaunch places many of the system options in one place, so they are easy to find and access.

You no longer need to go looking through different screens to find the shut down option, or struggle to look for the Windows Control Panel.

Options in the System menu include:

As all the above options access system options, if you need further information, you may wish to check the Windows help and documentation.

All the system options also include a shortcut key (F2 to F12) which you can also use to access those system options - e.g. to open the search file option, press F5 from within PittLaunch.

This menu also contains an option to exit PittLaunch (you can run PittLaunch again at any time).

If you haven't already, you can try PittLaunch for free for up to 31 days and try these options for yourself!

Need more help, or have any questions about anything covered here? Contact Simon at:

PittLaunch main window with system menu