PittLaunch within your home

Fed up of trying to navigate through endless menus or the Start menu/screen to find your favourite applications? Is your desktop proving to be very cluttered?

Constantly explaining to family members how to launch their applications?

PittLaunch includes a range of options to help you launch your favourite applications on your home computer.

Tidy up your desktop

Rather then having a desktop full of icons, PittLaunch helps you split your shortcuts into different categories. For example, you could have all your games in one tab/category, and then your office applications in another category.

Once you add shortcuts to PittLaunch, you can then delete the shortcuts from your desktop if you wish.

If you have actual files on your desktop, e.g. folders or documents you use often, you can move them to another folder so they are hidden from your folder, and create shortcuts within PittLaunch.

Help and support from the developer

When you contact us for product support, you are not assigned a ticket, or sent a "copy and paste" answer that may not even answer your question - you receive proper help and product support, direct from the developer! Any questions on the software, or if you need any help, contact us at: support@pittlaunch.co.uk

Launch your applications, your way!

Why have one background picture, when you can have different ones in each tab? Whether they are family photos or holiday snaps, each tab/category within PittLaunch can have their own background picture.

Each family member can also customise PittLaunch for their way of working - from setting whether to launch by single clicking or double clicking, hiding the icon captions or setting PittLaunch to automatically open each time you log in.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the different options in the Options menu to see which ones work best for you!

PittLaunch main screen and Options menu

An alternative to the Windows 8/10 Start screens

If you are frustrated with the Windows 8/10 start menu, PittLaunch provides a great alternative - easily have your applications accessible, and ready and waiting.

You can add shortcuts for applications you use regularly in different categories. 

For things you don't access that often, you can access them from PittLaunch's Start menu, which is similar to the menu found in earlier versions of Windows.

PittLaunch Start menu

Which applications can your family use?

If you only want family members to use particular applications on your computer, you can set PittLaunch up with shortcuts that family members can use - for example, you could have applications your children need for their homework in one tab, and games in a different tab.

This can also reduce the frustration of constantly telling family members where the application they wish to use on the computer can be found. You could even rename icon captions to describe what they do, rather then the product name (e.g. "Word Processor" instead of "Microsoft Word").

PittLaunch main screen

Try before you buy

You can download a free 31 day trial of PittLaunch.

No restrictions on features, no obligations, no spyware and you don't need to register or give us your e-mail address.

Download a free trial of PittLaunch

You can purchase the full version of PittLaunch from our Library Player store on Gumroad.

Our prices are affordable, and comparable to similar products.

Would you like to discuss further?

Contact Simon Pittman at simon@pittlaunch.co.uk

You can also find a range of articles on using the different features of PittLaunch within the Using PittLaunch section of our website.

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