Why PittLaunch?

  • Get work done rather then looking through a cluttered desktop/Start menu.

  • Less stress - your Windows PC or laptop is less of a hassle to use.

  • Unlike other application launchers and Start menu alternatives PittLaunch does not get in your way, or make major changes to your system - use PittLaunch with your existing setup.

  • Reduce desktop clutter - organise desktop shortcuts into different categories.

  • Be more productive - and reduce frustration - stop messing around with Windows Start menu or trying to find the icons for your applications.

  • Save time - all those minutes trying to find your applications (or helping others) can build up!

  • Launch your applications, your way - each user can customise PittLaunch to their way of working.

  • Try before you buy, with your free 31 day trial. No obligations, and we won't ask for your e-mail address!

  • Avoid constant Windows changes - provides a consistant way of launching your applications.

  • No complicated setup - drag and drop your applications or select start menu items you want to add.

  • We like to focus on stability, rather then adding features just for the sake of having those features!

  • Ideal for both within your home and business users.

  • Product support directly from the developer, plus updates. No tickets, no "copy and paste" answers - you receive proper responses to any questions or requests for help you send us!

  • Your applications ready and waiting to launch!

  • No fuss. No messing around.

PittLaunch main window on Windows desktop
PittLaunch Start menu
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