Fed up of contacting product support, and not getting a response?

Or being assigned a ticket and receiving "copy and paste" answers?

We don't just supply you with PittLaunch and then forget about you - you'll receive product support and help direct from the developer!

Standard product support provided with PittLaunch:

  • 3 months product support (from the date of purchase), provided by e-mail.

  • Updates to any new version of PittLaunch released during the support period, at no additional cost.

  • No subscriptions and use PittLaunch forever - even after the support period ends, you can continue using the versions of PittLaunch that you purchased or received as part of your product support.

Looking for further help with PittLaunch?

  • We can help with installation, setup and training.

  • Either on-site or remotely.

  • We can work alongside any existing IT contractors or suppliers you may use.

  • Contact us to discuss further!

Help and documentation:

Contact product support:

PittLaunch on Windows desktop