Shortcut & Tab Icons

In PittLaunch, you can change the icon/picture for each shortcut and the tab.

To change the icon for a shortcut, right click the shortcut and select Modify Icon.

To change the shortcut for a tab/category, go to the Tabs menu or right click within the tab and select Modify Tab.

PittLaunch Modify Icon window

From the window that appears, you can change the icon from the Icon section. If this is blank, it will use the default icon - for a tab this will be the default icon, and for a shortcut will be the default icon for that application or file type.

Supported file types for tab and shortcut icons are icon files, DLL files and executable files, with a 32x32 size.

Some files contain multiple icons within the file, therefore you can use the Select Icon button to select an icon for that file.

You can either type in a filename for an icon, or click the button beside the text box to select a file.

Option to type in an icon filename or select an icon file

Where can you find icons?

If you have seen an icon that you like on that file, right click that file and view its properties to see if you can find the location of that icon file!

Most applications include the icon for that application within that application's executable (this will also be the default icon used for a shortcut when an icon file is not specified).

You could also look online for public domain/free icon files, or convert a favourite image to an icon file.

Windows includes many icons within the following files, so if you are looking for inspiration, copy and paste one of the following filenames/paths into the Icon File text box and click the Select Icon button:











Some of the icons in the above files are very retro - dating back to earlier versions of Windows (including Windows 3.0 from 1990)!

Browsing the icons in the moricons.dll file

If you have any questions or need further help with setting icons for tabs or shortcuts or anything else within this article, contact Simon at: