PittLaunch and your business

PittLaunch is not just for home users - PittLaunch can also be valuable for your business!

When your business has multiple computers, you can set up PittLaunch with shortcuts to all the applications your staff will use - so they are ready and waiting to be launched!

Staff will no longer need to look through a cluttered start menu or lots of desktop icons. This can be much more efficient and productive.

Different versions of Windows include differences to the Windows Start menu - confusing if you need to use different versions of Windows on different computers - PittLaunch can provide a consistent way for staff to launch their applications on different computers.

As you can create different categories of shortcuts, you can easily sort your shortcuts - for example admin staff may just be interested in accessing office applications, while other staff will also need to use specialist applications which you can set up in another tab.

PittLaunch includes a range of options to cutomise PittLaunch - individual users can modify the behaviour of PittLaunch for their user accounts without effecting any other users on the system, so they can tailor PittLaunch for their way of working. For example, some staff may prefer to launch applications by single clicking.

You can also change the background colour and pictures in each tab/category in PittLaunch - for example you could include your company logo in the background!

PittLaunch can also help your IT support staff or contractor - the titlebar of PittLaunch displays the current computer name, and the username for the current user. This can be helpful when contacting support, when they need to identify the computer that has issues and/or provide remote support.

Would you like to discuss further on how PittLaunch can help your business? Contact Simon Pittman at: simon@pittlaunch.co.uk

You can also download a free trial of PittLaunch.