PittLaunch for IT support providers

Making it easier to launch applications

Whether people are frustrated with using the Windows 8/10 Start menu, or just want their applications ready and waiting to launch, PittLaunch makes it easy for you to set up applications so they are ready to use, without any messing around.

Unlike the Windows desktop, PittLaunch can split shortcuts into different categories - for example you could have your office applications in one tab, and then applications for particular departments in other categories.

There are a range of options to tailor PittLaunch for your clients, including setting up for multiple users.

PittLaunch on Windows desktop

Providing technical support

The titlebar displays the current username and the name of the computer - important information when you need to provide product support, either on-site or remotely.

PittLaunch titlebar with computer name and username

Using different versions of Windows?

When your customers use different versions of Windows, it can be difficult to explain where to find applications on each computer.

PittLaunch is designed to run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 - set PittLaunch up on each computer, and provide a consistant way for customers to launch their software.

PittLaunch main window

Easy to use and learn

PittLaunch is quick to learn - its easy for your customers to find their applications within PittLaunch - reducing support calls from people asking "where can I find this application on my computer".

PittLaunch on Windows desktop

Doesn't take over your computer

Unlike other application launchers or Start menu replacements, PittLaunch does not take over your computer, replace your Start menu, etc.

PittLaunch does not get in your way, and we like to focus on delivering a stable product, rather then introducing unnecessary features.

You can use PittLaunch alongside your existing setup and desktop.

PittLaunch main window with blue background

Interested in learning more?

Site/bulk licenses are available for your IT company and business.

You can also contact Simon Pittman at simon@libraryplayer.co.uk to discuss further.