Adding & Importing items from Windows Start menu

PittLaunch includes the option to add icons/shortcuts directly from the Start menu, saving you from having to find the start menu items and adding them manually.

If you are using PittLaunch for the first time, or are not sure how to use the other options, then this is one of the best and easiest way to add icons/shortcuts to PittLaunch.

Go to the Tabs menu and select Add From Start Menu.

You can then select the tab you wish the shortcuts to appear, and then tick the shortcuts you wish to add.

Items in dark blue are folders, and selecting that folder will select all the items in that start menu folder (which are highlighted a lighter blue) for adding. Any items that are not highlighted do not appear in any sub-menu in the start menu.

You can select and add as many items as you like.

Click the Add button to add all the items as icons/shortcuts in PittLaunch.

If you have any questions about adding items from the Start menu (or any other feature of PittLaunch) e-mail: