Installing PittLaunch

Installing PittLaunch is very similar to installing other software products on your computer.

Don't forget you can also download and try PittLaunch without installing the software!

Step 1

If you haven't already done so, download the installation files for PittLaunch.

Download PittLaunch

You don't need to give us your e-mail address - you can just download the file on to your computer!

Step 2

Double click the file you have downloaded on your computer to open it.

PittLaunch zip file containing installation files

From the folder that opens, double click the PittLaunchSetup file - this will start running the installation.

You may see a message saying that the file is not verified - you can safely click the Run button to open the file and start installation.

You may also see a message asking if the file can make changes to your computer - again you can safely click Yes.

Step 3

The installation will start running.

Follow each step, reading any information and clicking any appropriate options (e.g. in the license agreement you will need to indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions), and click the Next button.

PittLaunch installation

One of the options you will be presented with is to create an icon for PittLaunch on your desktop - we recommend you select this option.

You can also select whether PittLaunch should automatically run each time the computer starts and the user logs in - this option will apply to all users on the computer.

PittLaunch ready to install step

The final step confirms that the installer is ready to install - if you want to change any of the options you can use the Back button to go back to the previous step.

Click the Install button to install PittLaunch on your computer.

Step 4

The files will copy, and you will see the progress - this will normally only take a minute or two.

PittStop installation final step

The final step will display confirmation that PittLaunch is now installed - with the option to launch PittLaunch and to fill out a survey (the survey only takes a minute to fill out, and will help us improve PittLaunch). Click the Finish button to exit the installation.

And that's it!

A free 31 day trial is installed initially - if you have purchased the full version you can activate this from within the software.

Now that PittLaunch is installed, you can learn how to get started using PittLaunch with our Getting Started guide!

We also have a range of hints and tips (with the section being updated regularly) to help you make the most of using PittLaunch.

Have any questions about installing PittLaunch, or need help?

Contact Simon at: