Windows 7 support ending

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 in January 2020. This means there will be no more updates from Microsoft.

Further information can be found on Microsoft's website at:

Moving to Windows 10? Discover an easier way to launch applications!

Do you need to upgrade to Windows 10?

If you regularly access the Internet from your computer, you may wish to consider upgrading to Windows 10, as there will be no more security updates for Windows 7.

However, if there are particular applications that you use, that may not work under Windows 10, then you may wish to stick with Windows 7 - however we advise against connecting to the Internet and possibly purchasing a new computer with a recent version of Windows for browsing the Internet, etc.

We suggest you don't rush, don't panic and seek out help and advice.

PittLaunch on Windows desktop

How can PittLaunch make the move to Windows 10 easier?

From the classic style Start menu to providing you with quick access to the applications you use, PittLaunch can help make Windows 10 easier to use.

PittLaunch running alongside other software in Windows

No need to struggle with a different Start menu/screen or a cluttered desktop - with PittLaunch its quick and easy to have your applications ready to use. No messing around!

Launch applications the way you want to launch them - and not how Windows wants you to use them! Prefer single clicking or double clicking? Would you like to have different background images in each tab? No problem - quickly customise PittLaunch to launch applications the way you want to!

PittLaunch does not take up much screen space, and can easily run alongside other applications you are using - so the items you use are always easily accessible and ready for you to run them.  No need to look through endless menus, screens or a cluttered desktop!

And if you continue using Windows 7 alongside Windows 10, you could have PittLaunch set up on both computers, to provide a consistent way of launching your applications.

PittLaunch window with River Dee background in tab

The PittLaunch challenge!

Try PittLaunch for free for up to one month! We won't even ask for your e-mail address - and you can even try without installing!

Download and try for up to one month - and discover an easier way to use your computer!

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