Adding an icon for PittLaunch to the Windows taskbar

Want an icon for PittLaunch to appear in your Windows taskbar (like the picture below)?

Windows taskbar with PittLaunch icon included

This can be useful so you can always have PittLaunch available to launch your favourite applications.

Dragging and dropping PittLaunch to Windows taskbar

The easiest way is to drag and drop the icon for PittLaunch from your desktop on to a blank part of the taskbar.

Right clicking PittLaunch icon to pin to taskbar

The other method is to right click the icon for PittLaunch, and then select "Pin to Taskbar" from the menu. This will work for the icon on your desktop plus the Windows start screen.

Once an icon is pinned to the taskbar, you can drag and drop it to any position in the taskbar, e.g. if you want it next to the Windows Start button, or you like your icons to appear in a particular order.

When PittLaunch is running, it will always appear in the taskbar, regardless of whether its pinned or not. However the above options are handy if you don't always have PittLaunch open, and want to run it easily.

Why does PittLaunch not include an option to do this automatically? Its not something Windows encourages (the reason being that EVERY application would then have icons for their applications pinned to the taskbar without even asking).

Don't forget you can set PittLaunch to automatically run each time the computer starts or the user logs in.

You can also have the PittLaunch window always be visible over any other running applications.

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