Can PittLaunch run on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows Server?

    • PittLaunch is designed to run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

    • While PittLaunch has not been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows Server, we can not see any reason why it would not run on those systems, however you do so entirely at your own risk. You may wish to download our free trial before purchasing, to determine that PittLaunch runs on your system.

Can PittLaunch run on Android, Mac OS or Linux?

    • At the moment, PittLaunch is only available for Windows.

    • We may consider developing versions of PittLaunch for additional systems, however that is a long term goal!

How do I get the full version of PittLaunch?

Can I transfer my PittLaunch license to another computer?

I need to reinstall Windows - can I reinstall and reactivate PittLaunch?

    • The activation key we sent you after purchase will still be valid and can be used in the event that you need to move your PittLaunch license to another computer (remember to uninstall PittLaunch from the previous computer first) or a clean reinstall of Windows.

    • If you need us to resend your activation key or installation files for your version of PittLaunch, contact support@pittlaunch.co.uk

When I buy PittLaunch, how do you use my personal details?

    • Purchasing is handled through our secure online store, provided by FastSpring. They handle payments - this is secure, and your credit card details will not be shared with anyone else (even we won't see those details).

    • We do keep your contact details (e.g. your name and e-mail address) on file so we can contact you with news and updates on PittLaunch and to verify that you own licenses for the software when you contact us for product support.

    • We are compliant with GDPR, and if you have any questions about details we hold about you, contact Simon Pittman at simon@pittlaunch.co.uk

PittLaunch on Windows desktop